Dance Central New York, Inc.
Policies & Information

hip hopDance Central New York, Inc. reserves the right to change a student’s class based on appropriate age and/or skill level at any time.

Schedule is subject to change. Classes will be closed when full.
Each instructor determines class size.

Substitutes will teach class if regular instructor is unavailable.

No food or gum allowed in dance room. WATER is the ONLY beverage permitted in the dance room. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after her or himself.

Dance Central New York, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items..

No cell phone/electronics use while classes are in progress.

Please wait at the door until the instructor signals you to enter class.


modernOur student’s safety is of primary importance. Parents/Guardians should arrive to pick up their child before the class ends.

All students should be picked on time and should not be left in the studio. Please make sure your child does not leave the studio without parents / guardians consent.

Dancer should be dressed in proper dance attire and hair must be up in a secure bun or pulled away from the face appropriately.
No jewelry is allowed to be worn in class.

Ballet: Girls: Leotard, tights, skirts and ballet shoes. Boys: dance pants, shirt, ballet shoes.
Jazz / Tap: Ballet / jazz shoes and tap shoes.
Hip Hop: Dance or workout clothes, jazz shoes or sneakers.
Boys: Tee shirt, sweat pants, jazz/ballet shoes and sneakers for other classes.
Step classes: Sneakers. No work boots.
Yoga / Pilates: Please bring mat or towel, exercise attire.
Ballroom/Salsa: Females: Ballet shoes, jazz shoes or flat /heel character shoes, leotards, tights and/or warm up clothes. Males: Soled shoes, warm up clothes. No sneakers.

All attire must not have any inappropriate logos or slogans.


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